Notes From FacebookCamp Toronto 5

With over 70% of online Torontonians on Facebook, Toronto was the perfect place for another FacebookCamp, held yesterday at the MaRS Centre. The event was organized by Refresh Partners and Trapeze Media and partly funded by Facebook Inc itself and drew in close to 400 people. Facebook flew in Matt Wyndowe from Palo Alto to give a presentation on “Facebook Connect” – their new technology to enable Facebook users to sign in to third-party websites, and now being used by over 6000 websites already.

(Matt Wyndowe, Facebook Inc. – photo via Refresh)

Roy Pereira’s presentation on the Whopper Sacrifice and Kevin Lister’s talk on how his Facebook application ‘Wedding Book’ went from idea to a successful exit were the other highlights of the evening.

Whopper Sacrifice turned out to be one of the more popular PR campaigns this year. It involved Burger King giving out a Whopper coupon to anyone who de-friended 10 friends on Facebook through their application. The campaign lasted 10 days, got publicized in the mainstream press like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and involved folks de-friending almost 234,000 friends and getting 24,000 free Whopper coupons!

Kevin in his talk mentioned that it cost him about $10k to develop his application, and while he briefly explored getting funding from investors, he ended up getting a grant from Facebook’s fbFund program. Started in Oct ’07, his application got acquired by the largest wedding site in the US, The Knot, in Jan ’09 and has almost half a million active monthly users now.

Here are the links to the evening’s presentations (compiled by Refresh Partners):