Nova Scotia Firm vies for Aerospace Contract

Even as the Canadian Government’s fighter replacement program comes under fire in Ottawa, and a possible spring election might ground the $14 billion project, a Lunenburg, Nova Scotia firm is gearing up for a piece of the global aerospace program.

Composites Atlantic Ltd., are the supplier of composite panelling to Lockheed Martin for the Canadian fighter planes.  Although they currently employ 300 people, this workforce is set to double over the next couple years, and is not solely reliant on the Canadian contract.

When interviewed by The Chronicle Herald, Maurice Guitton, president of Composites Atlantic Ltd. said, “This is about more than $14 billion for new fighters for Canada, this is about being part of a $350-billion global program.”  If the Canadian project isn’t scrapped, however, it would greatly increase expansion, Guitton commenting that it would help to “obtain access to the latest technologies.

It seems, Canadian fighter replacement program or not, Composites Atlantic Ltd. are finding a way to turn a sleepy fishing/tourism town into an international aerospace supplier.

What are your thoughts on the Canadian fighter replacement program? Should we pay the $14 billion and keep it, or the $1 billion to get rid of it?

Photo: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (Lockheed Martin / US Navy)