NowPublic head speaks at Massive Show

Michael Tippett, the founder of NowPublic, will address attendees at the Massive Technology Show on APril 1st and explain how prosumers are changing the face of business, technology, and the media. NowPublic is known as a driving force in the world of “citizen journalism,” but Tippett will touch on how the new ecology of newsgathering affects the relationship between business and their customers, how these changes will spread through the educational system, and how both new business opportunities and risks spring from the democratization of the media. Tippet has taken NowPublic from its founding in 2005 to an organization recognized as the largest participatory news site in the world, with reporters in over 4,000 cities worldwide An added bonus for Techvibes members is a discounted rate to attend the show, obtained by simply clicking here.