NowPublic’s Most Public Index

Vancouver’s NowPublic is making some more news for themselves this week again with their launch of The Most Public Index – NYC Edition. Here’s how NowPublic’s Michael Tippett describes it:

This is The MostPublic Index, a detailed barometer of the most public news influencers of today’s digital world. It illustrates how a new breed of influencer is shaping the media environment and what’s heard by the general population. Today, news makers and reporters are increasingly indistinguishable. In fact, a teenage Twitterer may have as powerful a voice as the New York Times editorial board. Therefore, NowPublic has defined this new type as a “news influencer.” The first MostPublic Index identifies the 50 most influential individuals in New York.

NowPublic has created a formula to measure influence and “publicness” across four categories, including online visibility, presence on User-Generated Content and Social Networking Sites, interactivity and accessibility, and the “R” Factor (presence on microblogging platforms that end with ‘r’). They then narrowed the list to 50 by analyzing and documenting individuals’ presence and popularity in each of these channels by applying a weighted scoring system. Here’s their Top 10 list for NYC:

  1. Fred Wilson
  2. Arianna Huffington
  3. Sarah Austin
  4. Steve Rubel
  5. Noah Brier
  6. Anil Dash
  7. Gary Vaynerchuk
  8. Jeff Jarvis
  9. Liza Sabater
  10. Loren Feldman

NowPublic is backed by $10.6 million from Rho Ventures, Brightspark and GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. and earlier this month bought Guy Kawasaki’s Truemors site.