NSERC and Local Industry

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) recently launched a new initiative, the Strategy for Partnerships and Innovation (SPI) to make it easier for local companies performing R&D to collaborate with academia. As part of SPI, NSERC has created a new bi-monthly e-bulletin about public-private R&D partnerships that connect industry to the wellspring of knowledge and talent in Canada’s colleges and universities. 

The new Strategy for Partnerships and Innovation is an action plan to help more Canadian businesses prosper by connecting and collaborating with college and university researchers and students.

To stay abreast of these and other industry-relevant developments, you can subscribe to this free e-bulletin by visiting www.NSERCpartnerships.ca and the inaugural issue is available here.

NSERC is one of Canada’s top sources of grants for public-private R&D partnerships, with investments exceeding $310 Million annually.