NSNorth Brings First Independent iOS, Mac, and Web Developer Conference to Ottawa

Ottawa’s first independent iOS, Mac, and web developer conference goes down this April.

NSNorth is a three-day, single-track event that will aims to connect developers, designers, and business leaders to explore new ideas, concepts, technologies from April 19 to 21. Dubbed a “boutique conference,” the NSNorth event aims to be smaller in scale with highly specialized topics.

“We have three goals in mind for NSNorth. First, is to ensure all attendees have the best environment to meet new people. Second, is to help showcase local talent. Third, is to ensure the best content possible,” explains Dan Byers, co-organizer of NSNorth.

“To achieve this, we’ve made a conscious decision to limit ticket sales and not pursue sponsors,” he says. “We want the focus to be on our tight-knit community, and our incredibly talented speakers.”

Speakers include Rob Rhyne from MartianCraft, Justin Miller of MapBox, and Jason Brennan from the New York Times. There will be a maximum of 100 attendees, NSNorth says, and no sponsors—it’s funded entirely through ticket sales.