NuData Security Appoints Cyber Risk Expert Robert Capps at VP of Business Development

NuData Security has appointed Robert Capps as vice president of business development.

In his new role with NuData Security, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s growing channel program and the development of strategic alliances and partnerships.

“Robert brings a wealth of security and technology experience coupled with a deep understanding of companies’ unique cyber risk concerns and needs,” Michel Giasson, CEO, NuData Security, said.

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NuData Security harnesses device, connection, passive biometrics and behavioral analytics to authenticate good users and investigate bad actors, helping companies maintain the customer experience while still being protected from fraud and risk.

“NuData Security flips the script on those traditional methods by working to truly understand the human behind the machine and put the emphasis on the good user,” said Robert.

Prior to joining NuData Security, he served as senior director at RedSeal, where he was responsible for technical, security and customer operations.