Nurses against Zombieism – the game

In keeping with Canadians obsession with a potential zombie apocalypse, The University of Calgary – Qatar (UCQ) Nursing Program just launched an online video game, Nurses Against Zombieism, as a fun tribute to the profession. The game was built by Calgary’s Structured Abstraction and carries the tagline, “Only you can prevent zombieism.”

The unique online game requires the keen decision-making skills of nurses to save the world from a zombie apocalypse. Nurses Against Zombieism requires players to heal marauding zombies rather than using traditional zombie-fighting tools such as chainsaws and shotguns.

“The reason for creating a video game is not just educational or message driven, but to stimulate interest in nursing with a fresh and entertaining approach,” says UCQ Dean & CEO, Dr. Carolyn Byrne. “Nursing is a truly diverse profession; today’s nurses are accomplished scientists, health administrators, researchers and clinical professionals. Yet there are lingering negative stereotypes about nursing that persist all over the world. We are working to combat those stereotypes using fresh and innovative ideas,” adds Byrne.

The UCQ nursing campus is the University of Calgary’s first international satellite campus, opened in 2007 and located in Doha, Qatar.