Naming Itself After Flagship Product, Bionym Rebrands to Nymi

Bionym is rebranding.

The Toronto-based startup is renaming itself after its flagship product, the Nymi Band. The Canadian company will now be called Nymi.

Additionally, Nymi annonced that it’s started selling a developer-targeted version of the Nymi Band called the “Nymi Band Discovery Kit,” which will begin shipping on December 15. The kit includes the final hardware Nymi Band, the Nymi Companion Application, the Unlock Application and the Nymi Password Vault for the Windows platform. Both will work with Nymi’s existing Software Development Kit, according to the firm.

“The Nymi Band Discovery Kit represents an important milestone for us,” says Lauren Long, Product Manager at Nymi. “This kit makes our hardware widely available to the developer community to continue fueling the development of the Nymi ecosystem.”

“The Nymi Band stands as the only wearables platform that is looking to change the way we provide our identity to the devices and services around us,” says Shawn Chance, VP of Marketing at Nymi. “Due to the scope of the project, the addition of new international partners, and our ongoing commitment to security, we believe that launching the Nymi Band Discovery Kit is an important step towards releasing the final product to pre-orders and the general public.”

The preorder price of $79 is valid through December 31, says Nymi. Next year, it will cost $149.