NYT picks best BlackBerry apps; Canadian products honoured

The New York Times’ Gadgetwise blog released a list of their top 10 BlackBerry apps today, and some Canadian-produced apps were praised for their quality on the list.

The theme of the picks was making the BlackBerry “more useful — and more fun.” To that end, they’ve published their list of the best BlackBerry apps, and here are some highlights from the Great White North.

  • Poynt: Poynt is a directory app that focuses on ease of use and integration with the BlackBerry as a phone. In addition to being able to find people and businesses and their  contact info, you can call with one touch, map a route to where you’re going and save contact info to your own phonebook. It also has movie info (showtimes, reviews, directions to theatres, etc.), restaurant info, weather, and even where to find the cheapest gas. Poynt was developed by the Poynt Corporation in Calgary.
  • ScoreMobile: For my money, ScoreMobile is the most useful sports app out there. It’s got all the info you need (scores, stats, standings, headlines, write-ups about games) and seems to load faster than other apps like TSN’s. There’s not a lot of multimedia content, but do you really want to have your data plan eaten away by highlights you can watch 40 times a day on Sports Centre?
  • Viigo: Viigo, which was acquired by RIM, is an app that allows a high degree of customization when it comes to following the news. You can choose to follow certain types of news (weather, sports, business, politics, etc.) and then you can specify things like geographical locations; for example, if you follow weather news, you can follow Vancouver weather news specifically.

You can read the full list of apps here.