Nytric and Baanto to Showcase ‘Revolutionary Touchscreen Experience,’ ShadowSense, at Discovery 12

Attendees at Discovery 12 will have a chance to touch and be touched by ShadowSense, a new Canadian technology. Nytric and sister company Baanto will showcase this “revolutionary touchscreen experience” at the conference being held in Toronto this week.  

“ShadowSense technology is an excellent example of how an Ontario-born innovation has the potential to lead advancements in multi touch technology and ultimately change how consumers around the world see and use that technology,” explains Dr. Tom Corr, president and CEO of the Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Nytric/Baanto have applied ShadowSense to what is believed to be the world’s largest multi-touch screen at 193 by 72 inches. Prominently located at the entrance to Discovery 12, the show’s “touch wall” will measure 128 by 48 inches. The wall is comprised of 32 Christie MicroTiles. These MicroTiles are scalable, can be stacked or clustered to create custom shapes all while maintaining full-motion, vibrant visuals in a bright atmosphere that exceeds current LED capabilities.

“The ShadowSense technology boasts a staggering 18 simultaneous touch inputs and, unlike traditional touch technology that requires bare finger touch or a stylus, this technology intuitively recognizes almost any touch mechanism,” adds Av Utukuri, CTO and Founder of Nytric and Baanto.  “It is a better and more cost-effective technology than any mid- to large-size multi-touch device currently on the market.”

This is the first time that touch point size detection (Tsense) is available in a mid- to large-size touchscreen environment. Other firsts include the ability to recognize accidental touches, static object detection and durability, and easy, cost effective scalability—significant improvements over existing touchscreen technology.

“ShadowSense solves many of the technical shortcomings of existing touch technologies,” adds Utukuri. “By rethinking the traditional hardware and algorithms commonly used in optical touch solutions, we have created what we believe to be the most robust optical touch-sensing technology available today. Our patented technology and position sensing algorithms have allowed us to create low-cost, high-performance sensor architectures and avoid the ghosting, obscuration and ‘dead zones’ that plague imager or camera-based solutions currently on the market. It scales well, doesn’t require constant recalibration and is incredibly easy to integrate.”

Nytric and Baanto describe ShadowSense’s touch performance as “exceptional,” stating that it boasts a touch response time of “less than seven milliseconds and a touch detection of objects as small as five millimeters in diameter.”