Obama Helped By Social Media and Internet Marketing

This week’s landslide victory of Barack Obama reflects a well executed campaign with particularly savvy Internet and social media marketing. The campaign received a huge number of donations, many in small amounts from individual donors. Chris Goward on the WiderFunnel blog points out how the Obama Campaign used Google Website Optimizer to maximize conversion. Website Optimizer allows you to test different versions of page elements, like an image or headline, and track conversion rates for each.

Elsewhere, an old post from Kevin Burton discussing candidate web server platforms enlightens that Obama may be the first Linux-served president. John McCain’s site ran Windows Server 2003, as did Hillary Clinton. George W. Bush’s 2004. It’s easy to check which OS or web server a site is running with Netcraft. North of the border, the Canadian Conservatives, NDP, and Green Party sites run Linux, and the Liberals on Windows.

Finally, an impressive domain choice for Obama’s President-Elect site: change.gov. I didn’t think good .gov addresses were so easy to get.