Observe Case Studies of Fortune 500 Companies at Social Media Unplugged This Saturday in Vancouver

Social Media Unplugged will focus on case studies of successful social media and mobile campaigns and provide practical tips that can be implemented immediately. With seven experts on board, this all-day event is geared to be a great learning experience in which you’ll be able to glance inside how Fortune 500 companies use and run social media and mobile marketing techniques.

SMUnplugged will be held on Saturday July 7th at the SFU Segal Graduate School of Business in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Unlike some events that are theory based, this event is focused around practicality. Promising to be able to teach the complete fundamental skills for running campaigns, eliminating information overload, and discovering proprietary methods of measuring ROI, this will have great value to all who attend.

Topics to be covered include the Evolving Retail Landscape; Breaking Down Branded Gamification Strategies; Mobile Marketing Strategies and Push Notifications; How unexamined social media assumptions can hurt your business; The impact of Google+ on Business; Brand Measurement, Metrics, and Analytics; and Balancing Viral Sharing and Lead Generation.