Occupy Wall Street Coming to Canada Sooner Than October 17th?

#occupywallstreet, which is a movement that began out of the radical revolutionary magazine AdBusters grew to over 50,000 protestors in Liberty Square of New York City on the 19th day of protests yesterday.

AdBusters Canada is also responsible for the precedent setting action against the CBC which will enshrine the right of citizens to equal airtime. 

The National Post reported Sunday that the Occupy Wall Street movement will be coming to Toronto, Montreal and Calgary on October 17th. Basically, an Occupy Bay Street for Toronto.

The movement aims to clean up capitalism and is directed towards generally a hatred for corporate greed, which comes on the heels of seven Ottawa tech-based firms to stand trial for bid-rigging $67 million dollars worth of Canadian government contracts. One of those companies implicated is Brainhunter

But will the largely Twitter-fuelled movement occupy Canada sooner than predicted as there are also protests taking place in Chicago, Los Angeles and hundreds of other smaller US cities?