Offerly Gives Hotels Ability to Better Manage Their Digital Spaces

A new product on the market seeks to help hotels reclaim their digital properties.

Offerly—described as a “hotel offer engine”—is built on the hypothesis that by personalizing web-­based promotions to users based on their locations and needs, hoteliers can boost revenue and better serve users.

While third party services such as Expedia and have occupied this space in effective ways, Offerly believes there’s an opportunity for hotels to better own their digital spaces.

The Washington-based Adrift Hotel launched two campaigns through Offerly and saw $8,000 in additional revenue during a two-week period. A second hotel running the trial brought in $3,600 in additional revenue over four days.

Rather than showing universal content to all users, Offerly customizes content to be relevant based on geographical location, whether or not visitors are new or returning and can include or exclude specific locations. The combination of these rules allows for much more granular targeting. As the product grows and evolves, hoteliers will gain greater insight into how users book their accommodations and Offerly can subsequently develop the best tools for each device. Built responsively, it works on any device a guest might be using. It also allows hotels to easily manage the offers they create, and integrates smoothly with any CMS platform.

Conceptualized by Rajesh Rajan, a long­time Revenue Manager in the hotel industry, Offerly was developed in partnership with Vancouver-­based digital agency Domain7.