Offerpop Integrates Slyce Tech to Automate Visual Product Recognition

Visual product search platform Slyce this week announced an agreement with Offerpop, a consumer engagement marketing SaaS platform.

Through the partnership, Slyce will provide automated visual recognition across branded social shopping campaigns.

Using the Offerpop platform, brands can deploy shoppable engagement experiences that encourage customers to share their own product photos through Instagram, Twitter, etc. Offerpop then aggregates this user-generated content and showcases it in galleries that can be featured across all of the brand’s digital properties. The Slyce visual search technology brings automation to the solution, matching products within authentic user images to those in the brand’s product line, rendering the user-generated content instantly shop-able.

“There’s no question, the ability to make user generated content shoppable is incredibly powerful for retailers,” Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein said. “The work and cost incurred in staging products for marketing photography is substantial.”

“If customers can be incentivised to become advocates of a brand, submitting their own images of products within great environments – and if those products can then be purchased seamlessly by others – that is a major disruption,” Elfenbein said.