Ohloh inching closer to 300,000 Open Source projects in directory

TechFlash reports today that Bellevue-based Ohloh now has the biggest directory of open source software available, with more than 260,000 indexed projects. Ohloh has achieved this partly by user submission, and partly by using a crawler to “fetch the ‘very long tail‘ of less-visible open source projects” in major forges, says co-founder and CTO Jason Allen. 

CEO Scott Collison expects Ohloh to keep gaining momentum: “In this economic downturn, interest in Ohloh and open source software has really picked up,” he says. Has anyone else found this to be the case so far in slagging economic times?

Ohloh’s Open Source directory lets users see what people are working on and contributing to, tag projects with messages to encourage discussion, and profile their projects and themselves as developers. Ohloh also recommends projects to include in specific stacks that users are working on, based on popularity and relevance.

Ohloh has raised $1.6 million in funding from private investors and the founders, and were a mentoring organization for Google’s 2008 Summer of Code program.