Okanagan Research & Innovation Centre lands $200k from IRAP

Hey good-looking . . . more great news for the Okanagan emerging tech community yesterday as ORIC announced a $200,000 funding placement from IRAP.

ORIC Founder and President, Peter Haubrich, told me that plans for the funds include expanding ORIC’s mentorship program, improving access to capital for area start-ups, introducing some new entrepreneurial training programs and shaping a method for benchmarking Okanagan-area emerging techs against their peers in other regions.

Across the hall, OSTEC is still glowing over the success of the recent metabridge event, celebrating the superb financial performance of area techs, including the rapidly growing QHR Technologies Inc., and gearing up for a busy summer — more details on that to come.

And, just up the road, UBC-Okanagan recently announced that it had received full accredidation for its engineering program and had secured more than 100 hectares of land to double campus size.

Gotta’ tell you, the Silicon Vineyard is-a-poppin! Look for more updates, soon.