Older Women Love New Technology

What do you think is the fastest growing demographic of new U.S. Facebook users? According to an article by Fortune, it’s women aged 55-to-65 years old: moms and grandmas who not only love to Facebook, but also use Skype and download the latest iPhone applications.

Separately VibrantNation.com, an online site for mature women, recently asked women over the age of 50 to share their technology preferences. Of the 20,000 women who responded to the survey, 63% say they own an iPod or other MP3 player, and 30% of respondents say they use Skype, the voice-over-IP application. Some 28% of the women who responded to the opt-in survey say they use a Flip or other mini camcorder to shoot videos and upload them to the web.

I know my mom has been using Skype for almost a year now and checks out my articles online whenever possible. Although she’s not on Facebook (trying to avoid my dad), she is embracing technology and wants to learn more. She’s even asked me to sign her up a Google Search class.  And it seems this is the trend.

Orsborn suggests that gadget-makers would do well to build products and services that appeal to senior women, partly because they are loyal customers but also because their needs aren’t that different from the needs of the average consumer. “This is a very discerning and demanding market,” she says. “If you hit a homerun with them you’re going to hit a homerun with a lot of different markets. They want technology to be easy and intuitive, but that’s something everyone wants.”

If you have a female over 50 in your world, tell her to surf Vibrant Nation, a Web site for women 50+.  They can also check out Wowowow, the site that also caters to an urban, mature female audience, courtesy of elite journalists, actors, investors and CEOs.