Olympics Being Used as Bait for Spam, Malware, and Phishing Attacks

The Olympics are a time when the entire world throws up their arms in excitement as countries across the globe set aside their differences to compete on the world stage in dozens of thrilling sports.

Alas, the positive spirit and tremendous goodwill of these Games are sadly exploited by heartless web-based attackers that just never seem to give it a rest.

In this month’s Intelligence Report from Symantec, the company looks at how attackers are using Olympic themed hashtags on Twitter to spread malicious code, bundling threats with popular Olympic-themed Android apps, and creating spam and phishing scams that pretend to be contests sponsored by credit card companies—all in the hopes of taking advantage of the excitement surrounding the event.

As a result of the Olympics, spam and phishing scams have doubled since May, according to Symantec. It’s a fair warning to beware of every link you consider clicking on Twitter or any other site; don’t get caught up in a moment of Olympic excitement and compromise the security of your computer and the safety of your personal information.

The report can be viewed on SlideShare here.