Once Number One, RIM Now Aims for Third Place with BlackBerry

There was a time when Research In Motion’s BlackBerry held, by far, the most marketshare of any smartphone platform in North America. It fell from grace, as we all know, to second, then third, place. 

When RIM first started talking up BlackBerry 10, its next-gen operating system slated to launch early next year, the company spoke of reclaiming its number one spot with a vengeance. Well, they have apparently abandoned those hopes, at least for now: CEO Thorsten Heins told the press today that “we have a clear shot at being the number three platform on the market.”

So it’s become a battle between BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8—backed by tech titan Microsoft and partnering with fellow giant Nokia—for what is, in smartphone market terms, last place.

Is it sad to see RIM give up its goal of becoming number one in North America again? Or is it better for the company sets more realistic objectives?

“We’re not just another platform,” Thorsten affirmed to media today. “We are BlackBerry.”

The question remains, however: just what does being BlackBerry mean these days?