14% of the World Now Regularly Uses Facebook on Their Smartphone

Just a few short years ago, almost no one owned a smartphone—a fraction of a percentage of the world’s population, those select few business elite running BlackBerrys.

Then came the iPhone and Android and a tidal wave of mobile this-and-that and now, not only does everybody and their dog have a smartphone, but one billion humans now actively use Facebook on their mobile devices.

Facebook made the announcement yesterday alongside the announcement that it acquired Oculus Rift for $2 billion, which for obvious reasons took precedent and made headlines (the Rift was borne out of a humble Kickstarter campaign in 2012—talk about hockey stick growth in valuation). But the one-billion-mobile-users milestone is still remarkable on its own consdiering it was only two years ago that the company had pretty much no mobile strategy whatsoever; now mobile growth is crazy and mobile revenue is pouring in faster than founder Mark Zuckerberg can stack the millions.

Another of Facebook’s acquisitions, Instagram, is also excelling. The world’s largest social network bought the selfie-powered photo-sharing community platform when it had 30 million users—today, that number is 200 million. The mobile-centric network still isn’t much of a money-maker but hey, neither is Oculus. Facebook has a plan and it’s sticking to it.