One Day, One Deal at Razzle

Canadians have been complaining for years that won’t ship North of the border. That doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon but starting this Friday Montreal-based might be an alternative.

Imagine a small shop of products, possibly useless but ultimately really cool, located somewhere in Canada. This shop only has a handful of products and at an unbeatable price (50 to 80% lower than classic stores like BestBuy) obviously because it has no salespeople, no rent, and no investors to make them inflate their margins. Now put that little shop on the Internet and make it available all across the country and you have the next hot site in e-commerce:

Similar to Woot, Razzle’s daily items will be original products at an incredible prices and only available for 24 hours (or until they’re sold out).  Since visitors don’t know how many items are available, they have to make up their mind very quickly and impulse buying tends to kick in.  Razzle will need to make a splash quickly, so look for some wicked deals early on.