One day, one week, one month: the next three major Apple products launching and why you’ll want them

Apple is notoriously secretive about most things. It’s all a part of their highly articulate, highly effective, and exceptionally disciplined marketing scheme. Like it or hate it, but it works, and it works damn well—nobody could get PC users to pay the premium on electronics that Apple consumers do. Tech isn’t like fashion; it’s evolving, not cyclical, and “luxury” is illogical, with Apple being the one shining exception.

Here, we look at the next three products coming to market for Apple, and why you might be interested in owning one. Note: launch dates are absolutely not guaranteed, but are based on educated estimates and reliable rumours (if such a term can be used).

Launching in… one day: the Macbook Pro

MacRumours has assembled a large bundle of evidence suggesting that the next-gen Macbook Pros will launch tomorrow. The Macbook Pros are Apple’s highest performing laptops; larger and heavier than the Air and soon-to-be-extinct white Macbook, but nonetheless sleek and refined, and certainly potent in computing power.

If you are looking for a laptop that can handle your most hardcore computing needs the next-gen Macbook Pro will satisfy. Leaking information suggests even the most bottom-end Macbook Pro will run on Intel’s new Sandy Bridge i5 dual-core processor, which means the top-end Pro will be one of Apple’s most powerful devices ever. Be warned, though, the prices are not for the faint of heart.

Launching in… one week: the iPad 2

It’s been made public the fact that a media event is being held by Apple on March the 2nd, and it’s obvious it correlates to the iPad 2. The first iPad, which took the otherwise sleeping tablet market by storm, has stirred numerous tech giants like RIM and Microsoft to concoct a formula for their own competing devices.

The original iPad, in truth, sucks; it barely allows any multi-tasking, it has no dual or rear facing cameras, and its computing power is minimal. But it was the first out, so who could say that then? It sure sold well enough. The iPad 2 will better compete on a technical basis against its emerging competitors: one, possibly two cameras; superior computing power; an enhanced level of multi-tasking; and a higher-res display. Physically, it is apt to become lighter and slimmer than the original (such as they do with most devices).

Launching in… one month: the next-gen iMac

Based on the historical averages of Apple launching next-generation Macs, the iMac should launch within the next week or two. But with the Macbook Pro overdue and the iPad 2 clearly just around the corner, the iMac is more likely to launch toward the end of March. The iMac is Apple’s all-in-one computer—it has no computer tower. You can choose from a 21.5-inch screen, or the massive 27-inch screen, although its glossy screen is terrible for glares. It packs a better punch than the Mac Mini, but less than the Mac Pro, and its price range falls appropriately in between.

The next generation will take full advantage of Intel’s new Sandy Bridge core processors, and its widely expected these computers will get an all-around power boost, though there has been little word on any physical improvements (which doesn’t matter, they’re already quite beautiful). There has been minimal speculation so far on this upcoming upgrade, however, so we may end up being in for a nice surprise.