One in three Canadians surf the web on their mobile device – while at home

StatsCan just released a report with a few interesting statistics.

First, the rather expected: 79 percent of Canadian households have access to the internet, with over half of them using multiple devices to go online. The highest penetration is of course in metropolitan or urban areas (81 percent), with suburban areas (76 percent) and rural or remote areas (71 percent).

Income is still a determining factor when it comes to internet access. 97 percent of the top quartile of income earners ($87,000+) have internet access at home while a mere 54 percent of the bottom quartile of income earners (<$30,000) have access.

But what is perhaps the standout stat of the report is that, while 71 percent of households have and use a desktop computer, and 64 percent have and use a laptop, 35 percent nonetheless use a mobile device to access the internet while at home, in spite having of having devices with more processing power and bigger screens.

Also worth noting: what about the non-interneters? Well, more than half of those without internet access cite no need or interest in it (wow!). Only 20 percent cite cost as the chief reason.