One Million Pictures of One Million Food Bank Donations

food bank donationEdmonton-based social media strategy firm fusedlogic has launched an initiative that combines social media with charity to support local food banks. Their goal: one million pictures of one million food bank donations in one year. Participation is simple: donate food, take pictures, and upload to the Flickr group or Facebook to encourage your acquaintances to do the same.

“Christmas is an important time for food banks, and having said that, their needs don’t stop at Christmas and we know social media will be an effective tool for raising awareness throughout the social web community and beyond.” -fusedlogic CEO Walter Schwabe

Ambitious? Quite. Impossible? Hardly! They’re only at 20 pictures but just started two days ago. Schwabe is putting the challenge out to other cities. The Edmonton Journal already picked up the story yesterday. Tip: Food Banks benefit greatly from cash donations as well, nothing wrong with taking pictures of that. For more information, visit fusedlogic, their Flickr group, or Facebook page.