One more reason why you should attend StartupDrinksCA

Unmodify. Instigate. Uphold. Connect. All attributes that come to mind when we think of the innovators and the rule-breakers. The ones who push the boundaries of the straight line, and put their reputation at the centre of it all. StartupDrinksCA inspires all this and more. And fittingly enough, in an uncensored, unabashedly open and relaxed format.

The concept, which is building following and taking over different parts of the nation, is set to hit Toronto on Wednesday November 25th.  It’s rare to find an event in this city that’s presentation and sponsor free, so as an emerging entrepreneur, if you’re of the mindset that an open forum for discussion is best facilitated amongst likeminded individuals in a casual environment, then this event is for you.

Flow Ventures recently posted an excellent assessment of the three reasons why you should seriously consider attending StartupDrinksCA, and I thought I’d offer one more:

Storytelling – Individuals thrive on energy; communities breed energy. It’s a simple notion, but an important one. When piloting a brand new arena of knowledge, experience and questions, learning how to sell yourself is just as important as selling your product or service. We know this. It’s been emphasized time and time again. But what better way to practice an arguably fundamental notion than to carry out the telling of your own personal story? Basic instinctual practices prove that humans crave transparency and covet learning from mistakes, failures and triumphs. Remember that no story has a clear beginning, middle or end and that engaging with individuals whom are struggling to find the audience and the narrative path for their story, puts you one step closer in deciphering yours.

Growing organically and continuing to drive boundless attention, it was Raymond Luk of Flow Ventures, Bryan Watson of the National Angel Capital Organization and CEO Fusion and David Crow whose credibility, reputation and name alone are enough to garner an impressive reaction, that have brought consideration and notice to this event.

Stop by for a drink, on Wednesday November 25th and unleash the background noise, unravel the hidden opportunities and engage upfront  and honestly. All part of a winning combination, facilitated by a forward-thinking concept.

Event Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, 25 November, 2009
  • Venue: Elephant & Castle, 212 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 1K5
  • Time: 6:00pm – Late

For more details on StartupDrinksCA, click here