One-Third of Canadian Netflix Users Access US Library

Media Technology Monitor recently released a report highlighting Canadian media habits.

The report showed that 29% of Canadian Netflix users have used a US IP address to access that country’s content library, which is widely considered superior.

It’s not only Netflix, though: 40% of Canadian Netflix users are using an American IP address to access other, non-Netflix content.

Canadians enjoy only half the volume of content as their US counterparts, though it’s possible the quality of content here is higher.

The US Netflix library boasts 7,200 titles. Canada’s has 3,600. Each region ends to have significantly different rules around content rights and licensing, which is the driving factor behind how a country’s library looks.

In Canada, Netflix is extremely popular. More than 15% of Canadians actively use the video streaming service and during peak Internet usage hours, Netflix content can account for more than one-third of traffic.