One-Third of Canadians Lose or Have Their Smartphone Stolen [Study]

Have you lost your smartphone before? Has it been stolen before? You’re far from alone.

According to new research from Ispos Reid on behalf of PayPal Canada, nearly one-third of Canadian smartphone owners (28%) have either lost their smartphone or have had it stolen. Both circumstances enable others to defraud them of financial data and personal information.

And while physically losing the smartphone is one security concern, digital issues are another. Almost one-half of Canadian smartphone owners don’t trust that their mobile apps keep their personal details safe, and a whopping four-in-five have concerns about using their credit cards to engage in mobile commerce—although that hasn’t seem to slow momentum.

Some basic tips for prevention include passcodes for unlocking screens and avoiding the use of auto-login features on social networks and other apps that grant access to private data. Oh, and not forgetting your device on the bar counter after a long night helps too.

Photo: All Tech News