One Week Later, OS 2.0 is Already on 44% of BlackBerry PlayBooks

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook may not be a hot seller, but at least it doesn’t suffer from severe fragmentation. While only 1% of Android users run the newest version of Google’s mobile platform, RIM’s latest software update has already penetrated nearly half of all PlayBooks.

According to new data from advertising analytics firm Chitika, the new OS 2.0—launched last week—is running on 43% of BlackBerry tablets. Chitika forecasts that up to 75% of all PlayBook devices will be running OS 2.0 within three weeks.

Of course, this may be because PlayBook owners have been anticipating this update since, well, the product was first launched. Seemingly basic features, such as native email, were major components of the OS 2.0 upgrade, that many argue should have been included in the original release.

Image: Chitika