OneRiot Unveils Slick API for Realtime Search

OneRiotBoulder, Colorado startup OneRiot, makers of a neat realtime search engine, have taken a strong step today in announcing the general release of their first realtime web search API. Using it, third party developers will be able to introduce OneRiot’s realtime search results into their applications, delivering feeds of emerging hot content from across the web on any topic.

The API is already used by an encouraging group of selected partners including top browser add-on Shareaholic, messaging app Nambu, and not least of all, almighty Microsoft, who have bundled OneRiot’s search services in a new version of Explorer 8; exposure that could attract some good application program interface love.

This of course, on the tails of the runaway success of Twitter’s realtime tweet search, and the recent news that over 11,000 applications and services have been built on the Twitter API. OneRiot aims to build on that, offering developers the opportunity to tie a realtime stream of trending web content and videos into their apps.

“Clearly there’s huge value in the stream of conversation that Twitter provides through its API,” said Tobias Peggs, General Manager of OneRiot. “Equally, there’s huge value in a realtime stream of top content from across the web — the must-read news or the must-watch videos. The OneRiot API enables development partners to provide exactly that information to their users. We’ve seen phenomenal growth in usage of our API by selected partners, and we’re excited now to move the service into GA (General Availability).”

OneRiot’s release came along with the announcement of new partner launches. The OneRiot API is free and available by request.