Online bookkeeping and accounting solution

waveAs a professional in the technology or social media space, chances are that you are an independent contractor or are considered a small business owner.

A new online business solution is now available to those of you whose most dreaded job is accounting and bookkeeping: Wave Accounting

Kirk Simpson is the President and Co-Founder of Wave Accounting:

There are 1.8 million small business owners in Canada with less than five employees. We’ve designed an accounting tool that will help them understand and take control of their financial management in an easy and straightforward way.  Wave Accounting is specifically designed for the business owner and not for an accountant or bookkeeper. We want to encourage business owners to give up their spreadsheets and really take charge of their business.

Unlike many desktop applications, Wave Accounting is web-based. As a result, Wave Accounting offers the benefit of being able to enter data from  anywhere and at any time from any computer. An added feature allows multiple users to collaborate on the same account, entering figures and conferring on reports.

For a free 30-day test drive of Wave Accounting please visit their site at