Industry’s First Crowdsourcing Platform and Online Community Driving Forces Behind Koodo’s Success

Koodo, Canada’s most recommended national mobile phone company according to J.D. Power & Associates, has the most active online community of any telecommunications company in Canada.

Koodo Community is the go-to place for customers to ask questions, get answers and share ideas on all things mobile.

Launched in 2011, the community has millions of visitors each year and is almost entirely self-sustaining: more than 99 per cent of answers to comments come straight from customers. Answers are had in an average of four minutes.

The carrier engages with the community through gamification by allowing users to earn points and badges for answering questions and sharing ideas. Koodo adds that there is “a little bit of friendly competition between members to be the first to share their answer.”

Another method of community engagement occurs via “Mobile Masters,” a title Koodo awards quarterly to the most dedicated community members. These Mobile Masters are granted personalized Koodo swag, sneak peeks, and exclusive access to programs such as testing the latest smartphones. Last year, Koodo invited top Mobile Masters to the Koodo head office. During the trip, the Mobile Masters had a chance to meet with Koodo executives and participate in focus groups on how to improve the Koodo service.

“Originally I never planned to stay, but I soon became addicted. Almost a year later, I’m still here,” says Sophia Burns, a Mobile Master. 

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The Canadian company also has the industry’s first crowdsourcing platform in the form of Koodo Ideas, which senior marketing manager Nathan Roth describes as “a place for our customers to connect and share their thoughts on how we can serve them better.”

Koodo Ideas gives customers a chance to share, discuss and vote for the changes they would like Koodo to make,” he explains. “Koodo reviews 100 percent of ideas submitted, and we have collected more than 1300 product ideas, 14 of which have already been implemented, including improvements like the bigger, better Tab, easier payments with prepaid credit cards, and visual voicemail for iPhones.”