Online Video Advertising for Small Brands

According to Comscore, more than 10 billion videos were viewed online in December with an estimated 141 Million unique visitors going to video sites, setting a new high watermark for online video. As consumers get more comfortable viewing video online, businesses are beginning to see the value in using video to capture a potential customers’ attention. But is the promise of online video advertising reserved just for the Big Brands like it is with broadcast television? Apparently not anymore.

In the last six months, a company called Mixpo has popped up on my radar a couple times (Red Herring, a VEF event, and the recent Fusion Forum). Mixpo wants to make online video advertising accessible for small and medium sized businesses. They call the Pacific Northwest home with offices in Victoria and Seattle and are focused on building an online video platform to enable businesses to market online with video advertising.

According to Glenn Pingul, VP of Marketing at Mixpo, “So far, small and medium sized businesses have been unable to use video to market themselves. Businesses are starting to play around with online video, but the applications are really limited and designed more for user-generated content videos or studio syndication. Our platform gives small and medium sized businesses the capability to easily and affordably create, deploy, and optimize VideoAds to better engage customers and convert prospects online.

Mixpo is working with a number of local Canadian clients to help them market online with video. One client is Mount Engadine Lodge near Canmore, Alberta – a premier lodge that was just voted one of the top-ten hidden gems by TripAdvisor.

VideoAd by Mixpo

VideoAd by MixpoMixpo deployed video ads on the Mount Engadine website and just began powering their online advertising running video banner ads. The early feedback has been excellent according to Pingul.

Immediately after deploying, we started seeing potential customers viewing Mount Engadine’s VideoAds from as far away as Dublin, Ireland and Manchester, England. It’s this kind of analytic data and the ability to measure all actions generated by VideoAds that makes this such as exciting medium. We’ve now started optimizing Mount Engadine’s VideoAds and are seeing how we can increase sales calls to their reservation desk. It’s having the ability to optimize VideoAds for action that our clients want.

Mixpo seems to have found a sweet spot in creating a compelling technology platform that fulfills a need many small and medium sized business face – how to market more effectively online.

Mixpo was founded in 2005 originally as PixPo. In 2006, Mixpo raised $6.5 million in a Series A round led by Madrona Venture Group and including participation from GrowthWorks, Yaletown Venture Partners Inc., and SpringBank TechVentures.