Online Witnessing and Archiving by Datawitness

The New Ventures BC (NVBC) competition is highlighting some of their past competitors on their blog while this year’s Final 30 feverishly work on their business plans and pitches. Today the NVBC blog revisits Datawitness, a Round 4 Finalist from 2004 that went on to win the ‘Investor’s Choice’ award at the 20th Annual Angel Forum in 2006.

Richmond’s Datawitness provides a proprietary web-based service that witnesses electronic communications, as they occur, to produce an accurate and immutable record by automatically imaging the electronic content onto a tangible format. In addition to archiving documents in their secure data center, Datawitness also transfers those documents to microfilm, creating an analog copy suitable for long-term storage. On top of this platform, they provide a Mailwitness service that tracks delivery and receipt of sensitive email, along with archiving.

Datawitness’ innovative technology, competitive pricing, and attention to legal requirements has resulted pleased customers and stable growth. As more of the world’s data is converted to digital form, and data retention standards become more strict, demand for Datawitness’ services will continue to grow.