Only 5% of All Tablet Owners Have Wireless Data Plans

To have wireless data connection or not to have wireless data connection, that is the question, but not exactly a very profound or hard one for tablet owners to answer. The consensus is simple; most people with tablets choose not to have data.

Analyst Craig Moffet estimates that out of all the tablets sold only 20% have wireless chipset and are data enabled. And half of them would choose not to even use it. When it comes down to it, only 5% of all tablet owners are actually connected to wireless data.

The stat may sound a little extreme, but when you think about the logistics, most wireless data plans don’t really make sense when it comes to tablet usage. Tablet owners don’t frequently use their devices in open fields or underground parking lots. More often than not they are in their offices, classrooms, living rooms or coffee shops, which have their own source of wifi. So it is no surprise that most tablet owners choose to opt out of data plans.

Moffet is hoping his research would change the way carriers like AT&T manages their data revenue. But further more, he wants to change the way people think about tablet Internet usage, specifically in the world of media business. Unlike those easily accessible smartphones, tablets are devices we use to unwind or focus. Therefore, we like to settle down with a tablet, read the news, watch a movie or play a game.

Wireless data connection is a luxury tablet owners cannot afford or don’t consider worthwhile. Perhaps one day the technology would change, but for now it is a premium that most people would choose to forego.