Ontario continues to sell itself as a creative gaming hotspot

Late last year we featured an article on the Ontario Technology Corridor and their visit to Lyon, France for a gaming conference.

Well, now executives from this cultural and media centre are attending the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2010) in San Francisco.  The purpose of their visit is not to check out the latest games but  to show digital entertainment companies why Ontario is the best place for their businesses.  otc

According to their press release, “Ontario’s fast-growing entertainment and creative cluster produces $15 billion in revenue and over 200,000 jobs, contributing $12.7 billion to the province’s GDP. In addition, gaming and digital media graduates from Ontario colleges and universities have proven to be prized employees at companies like Pixar Animation Studios, Electronic Arts, Walt Disney and Microsoft.”

Larry MacKinnon is the Director of Business Development, Technology with the London Economic Development Corporation which is an Ontario Technology Corridor partner:

Our job now is to add to our tremendous home-grown crop of companies. 35 Ontario gaming companies are at GDC 2010 to showcase their world-class creations, make business connections, and help demonstrate that Ontario is a prime destination in North America for gaming investments.

In the next few days we hope to speak with Larry to shed some further insight into the Ontario Technology Corridor and their visit to San Francisco.