Ontario Dabbles in Online Voting for Municipal Elections

Simply Voting delivered official results last week to four municipalities after providing them with internet and telephone voting for the 2014 Ontario municipal elections.

A total of 25,689 eligible voters from Central Huron, Huron East, Cavan Monaghan, and Deep River were able to cast ballots using any phone or web-enabled device. Each town also operated a Help Centre where voters could receive assistance and vote at a tablet or computer kiosk. Voting continued for two weeks and participation rates were similar to or higher than the previous election. Deep River in particular saw 21% more votes cast.

“This was Central Huron’s first experience using internet and telephone voting, and the electronic voting system provided by Simply Voting was user friendly, worked exactly as promised, was well received by the electors and saved us many hours of manpower,” said Janisse Zimmerman, Clerk’s Assistant at Central Huron.



Brad Knight, CAO of Huron East, echoed her sentiment. “Our municipality is a mix of urban and rural properties and we received a number of favourable comments about the convenience that electronic voting provided and how easy the system was to use,” he said.

Simply Voting is a full-service provider of secure, web-based electronic voting solutions. Over 700 organizations varying from municipalities, universities, and unions rely on Simply Voting to safely manage their elections.

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