Ontela frees your camera phone pictures

The last session at the Fast Pitch Forum is underway and four Digital Media companies will round out the day. Up first, Ontela.

Do you have pictures trapped on your mobile device and no easy way to get them to download them. Ontela can take care of that.

Ontela provides wireless carriers with software that makes it incredibly easy to save camera phone pictures to a computer. Mobile customers accessing Ontela’s services can save every camera phone picture to their computer’s “My Pictures” folder, e-mail, and favorite web photo destination.

CEO Dan Shapiro explains how Ontela has positioned its service as one that caters to both the needs of the non tech-savvy user and the wants of the techie. Set up is easy for non tech-savvy users and the literally invisible UI works in the background to upload and save every photo they snap. For the tech-savvy, Ontela provides a customizable service that allows them to save pictures to their favorite destinations and save time because they do not have to hassle with cables, etc.

Ontela’s customers include Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel Wireless. A total of $15 Million has been raised in A and B rounds from Steamboat Ventures, Hunt Ventures, Voyager Capital, and Oak Investment Partners.