Open ideas at Cybera’s 2011 Summit

Is the Internet falling under corporate control? How “open” is the information being gathered on our environment? What benefits are there for companies looking to create a cloud community?

This year’s annual Summit, hosted by Cybera, an Alberta-based not-for-profit seeking to spur and support research and innovation, will focus on these questions as it seeks to find cyberinfrastructure solutions to data access and distribution challenges.

Themed “Data for All – Opening Up the Cloud”, the October 6-7 Summit, being held at The Banff Centre, will feature keynote lectures from Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School professor and renowned advocate for open Internet; Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law and syndicated columnist on technology legal issues; and Chris Kemp, former Chief Technology Officer at NASA and Co-founder of OpenStack. They will discuss corporate versus individual rights when it comes to intellectual property on the Internet, and the advantages and drawbacks when it comes to making data open and accessible.

These themes will continue on through all the Summit sessions, which are being jointly organized by Cybera and two of its research projects: Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Sensing (GeoCENS), and the Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB). These two initiatives are creating online portals for scientists and members of the public to freely access, and make commercial use of, diverse environmental information, from lake acidity levels to soil erosion in the Prairies. Their sessions will look at unified standards for sharing international sensor data, the challenges being faced by researchers looking to access government data, and water-based apps in development or on the market.

The Summit is expected to spark a debate on the evolution of cloud and open data applications, and how these are driving technological – and cultural – developments in both business and academia. The event is open to researchers and developers, tech startups, students, government officials, legal experts, and anyone interested in cloud or open data.

Visit the Cybera Summit website to find out more.