Open Source DotNetNuke Raises Series A Round

Dot Net NukeBefore I’d encountered WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, I recall a professor recommending DotNetNuke, an open source web application platform that runs on Microsoft .NET. At it’s base, it’s a content management system, but you can plug in modules for forums, galleries, shopping carts, etc. Like those other three projects, it’s evolved significantly in the last few years and has cultivated a marketplace around itself. In 2006, the DotNetNuke Corporation was formed, based out of Seattle, offering a commercial version with technical support. This week they announced the closing of a Series A financing round (undisclosed amount) involving August Capital and Sierra Ventures. President Shaun Walker (resident of Abbottsford, BC) writes on his blog:

So the first questions are probably: “How much?” and “What are you going to do with it?”. Well, we’re not going to provide details of the amount raised, other than its market rate for a project of our size and stature. Rather than boast about the valuation, we prefer to remain in stealth mode and focus on delivering exceptional value to the market. We are going to strengthen the company and offer products and services that increase DotNetNuke adoption worldwide. The funding allows us to recruit expert resources, establish a physical presence, purchase equipment, and create a sales and marketing team. Rapidly growing a dominant software platform is not cheap, especially if you have a very large vision.

PHP-based systems may rival DotNetNuke in popularity, but DNN can be an attractive choice for those who already have an investment in Microsoft infrastructure. Times of recession are a great opportunity for open source solutions as companies look to lower costs.