Open Sourcing the Law

There is definitely a growing trend towards do-it-yourself legal services and a couple Vancouver startups are leading the way in making law more accessible for Canadians by developing web-enabled legal services.

LexPublica is building an online community to create simple, plain language contract templates that are available free of charge for anyone to use. LexPublica is a venture of 8.5×14 Media Corp., a Bootup Labs company whose mission is to re-invent legal services. LexPublica presented at this week’s DemoCamp07 in Vancouver to much fanfare and their Alpha is scheduled for August.

Today Paradigm Shift Solutions launched – a very niche online legal service to help everyday Canadians who have been fired or laid off to get what they are rightfully entitled from their employer. offers education on employment law, negotiation tips, severance pay calculators and customized negotiation tools for less than $60. was developed by an employment lawyer Chilwin Cheng and web entrepreneur Jim Hamlin.