Open Text Debuts Web Solutions 10

Open Text has announced the availability of Web Solutions 10, the newest release of the company’s Web Content Management software. The new version makes it even easier for organizations to quickly manage and deliver content to their users via the web.

Demand for web content management software has been growing along with clients expectations for its ability to deliver vital information that supports organizational goals in an effective timely manner. Open Text aims to bring a high quality experience for users of Web Solutions 10 by delivering superior management of all of an organizations content, including pictures and video. The company has also addressed user’s expectations for high quality design. With the popularity of social websites such as Twitter and Facebook the bar has been raised when it comes to a intuitive and flexible user experience. Web Solutions 10 offer a familiar web 2.0 interface for both the clients and consumers.

Open Text Web Solutions 10 provides the seamless cross-system access to relevant content that users have come to expect. The software makes it easier for editors to bring together social media content and integrate it with their existing Enterprise Content Management systems. Web Solutions 10 is available for download from Open Text’s website.