Open Text named one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People

The editors deliberated and the verdict is out. On Wednesday June 2nd, Open Text was named one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People by the editorial panel of Canada’s 100 Top Employers. This distinction recognizes Open Text’s committment to invest heavily in its younger workforce, nurturing and moulding their leadership talent through supportive employee programs.

As put by Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer at Open Text,

Open Text is one of the fastest-growing high-tech companies in the world,
and to support that growth we make every effort to attract top talent. We strive to make our
workplaces progressive and work to ensure we accommodate young talent, from
mentoring post-graduate students, to enabling co-op terms at Open Text, to
hiring new grads and providing appropriate career path support.

Today’s workplace requires not only top talent trained in specific fields
such as computer science and physics, but also creative thinkers who can
apply innovative ideas to business opportunities. Intuitive design takes
into consideration the end-user applications for the technology,” Roman

Working closely with tight-knit cadres of upto eight students at a time, Roman shares ideas, offers guidance and coaches innovative thinking – all in an effort to unlock the talent of these young, tech-savvy creatives. Solid personal mentorship programs, vibrant co-op student opportunities, speaking engagements and seminars all ensure a steady inflow of young and ambitious talent. Investment in a younger workforce encourages them to put down roots and connections that could pull them back for a victory lap one day.