OpenMedia Launches Campaign to Counter Resurfacing Bill C-30 [Infographic + Video]

Vancouver’s OpenMedia has published a citizen-made online video and infographic as part of a major campaign following news from the CBC that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is attempting to resurrect the publicly slaughtered Bill C-30, known as the “internet surveillance bill” or “online spying bill.”

“It’s amazing that despite unprecedented public outcry, Toews is pushing forward with the government’s costly and invasive online spying plan. Canadians will not be satisfied until the Minister commits to removing warrantless access to private information or to pulling the legislation altogether,” says Executive Director, Steve Anderson.



“Canadians know that the fight is on for a free Internet and citizens have drawn a line in the sand at the proposal to turn our everyday systems of communication into a giant surveillance dragnet,” Micheal Vonn, Policy Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, says.

Despite media coverage suggesting Bill C-30 has been shelved, last week, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews proclaimed that the government is still “intent on proceeding” with its unpopular, warrantless online spying bill. It has also been revealed that Toews has quietly set aside millions in taxpayer dollars to pay for this costly online spying plan.