calls for government action against Rogers’ lower bandwidth caps

A week ago Netflix, the California-based video rental company announced that they’d be launching their streaming Internet service in Canada this fall.

Within days of the announcement, Rogers Communications suddenly lowered the monthly bandwidth caps on the company’s cable Internet service., an organization dedicated to advancing and support open and innovative communications systems in Canada, says this is no coincidence and is calling for the government to mandate audits of Internet Service Provider behaviour.

In a press release, the organization notes that Rogers offers competing services that would not be affected by the new bandwidth limits.

“Rogers should not be in a position to decide which online business models are winners and losers. We need to remove the gatekeepers of online innovation through appropriate oversight and Internet service competition. Canada already lags behind other countries on key Internet metrics and this anti-competitive act could push us further to the back of the pack,” said Steve Anderson, national coordinator of and the SaveOurNet coalition in the release.

The press release goes on to say that “these new caps push Canada towards an anti-competitive version of the internet.” points to the “Take Action!” page of, which provides a contact form for sending an e-mail supporting net neutrality to Industry Minister Tony Clement and party leaders.