Opinion Piece: Ad Agencies and Social Media Clash

I just was reflecting on Soniya’s post about Marketing Week and the future of digital media. How do people in the tech community see Marketing Week? Do you find that it has become easier to try new things or is there still a lot of resistance to it. I want to see if advertisers and their agencies are beginning to break out of the campaign mindset, not of just thinking about a campaign but how to continue developing these communities for the long haul.

I have seen social media used for short term projects and just when those communities and conversations start to get interesting the campaigns finish and the communities disperse.

Todd Defren at pr-squared had a great post on his blog about the other side of the social media coin. The gist of his post is that many advertising agencies just are not prepared for the level of commitment needed to continually engage with an audience. That is not what they are built for, while the platforms may often be free to use they often require manpower and time to make them work.

Ad Agencies are built for the campaign not crowd control of social media but that is becoming a larger part of the job for every shop that goes out there. What technologies exist that can help agencies and advertisers manage these conversations and when will they be mature enough to do the job well.  

TV and radio took decades to reach their peak but the Internet and the digital space is doing it in a fraction of the time. The technology is moving faster than businesses can catch up. I think that offers a huge opportunity as the economy begins to recover.

One thing is for sure technology has blown the door wide open for a lot of people and at times it can seem overwhelming but I guess that is what sites like this help out to keep track of what is going on at events and in the news. Have a great weekend everyone and happy Halloween!