Oprius and Freshbooks – Made for each other

Last week Toronto-based Freshbooks blogged about Victoria-based Oprius‘ sales contact managment software and the fact that the two integrate so well together.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are the best way of staying on top of potential and actual customers. They organize every communication and help you keep track of what’s left to do. A really good CRM for freelancers and solopreneurs is Oprius, and now they have announced an integration with FreshBooks.

Oprius helps entrepreneurs simplify and automate their sales program, resulting in more revenue. Their whole game is making sure your prospects never fall through the cracks. Oprius actually steps you through automated sales plans to get from prospect to paying customers. Step from a new lead, to a first email, to a phone call, to the contract, and finally to a FreshBooks invoice and payment. That’s pretty cool, in my opinion.

Oprius is a pretty unique sales tool offering lead capture pages, automated sales and marketing plans, a call assistant, and an integrated IMAP email client that automatically attaches emails to contact history. Couple that with Freshbooks slick interface for invoicing, quotes, time tracking and automated billing methods and you have the beginnings of a small ERP system.

Great to see two companies focus on their niche products and then come together with an integration that makes sense for their common customer base. Check out the screencast below to see the two work together:

Interested? Both companies have free trials so you can try the system integration for free as well.