Orato – Vancouver’s other Citizen Journalism site

Mark September 29th down for the next High Tech Communicators’ Exchange event where veteran journalist and Editor & Chief of Orato.com, Paul Sullivan will talk about the impact of citizen journalism on traditional media.

I know what you’re thinking… citizen journalism + Vancouver = NowPublic. I don’t blame you. NowPublic has strung together a series of good news stories ranging from a $10 Million financing to being named one of Times Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2007.

While Orato.com has been in the shadow of the Web 2.0 superstar in recent years, a quick check on both domain creation dates reveals that Orato.com was registered six years prior to NowPublic.com.

Unfortunately the headstart hasn’t helped much but Orato.com has an achievement of their own this month that is worth mentioning. PC Magazine has included Orato.com on its list of the Top 100 Web sites of 2008.

One of the better “citizen journalism” sites we’ve seen, Orato gives readers a chance to break free of the mainstream media by writing the news themselves. There’s a good mix of political news and lighter fare, and—surprise!—many of the user-submitted articles are quite compelling.

Congrats to Paul Sullivan and Orato.com – I look forward to his presentation at the HTCE on September 29th,