Ortsbo getting big traffic in first seven months since launch

Intertainment’s online translator Ortsbo released some pretty impressive traffic numbers today, most impressively the 67.2 million minutes of user engagement the website has attracted since the website launched on July 22nd of last year.

Ortsbo, based in Toronto, is a real-time translation service that integrates with existing chat services like MSN Messenger, Google Chat, Facebook Chat and 10 other major chat services. With Ortsbo, you can assign a language to any one of your contacts and have those contacts receive your message in that language without copying and pasting translated messages from a translation website.

Since the July 22nd launch, Ortsbo, which is still in public beta, has seen huge traffic numbers. 300,000 users are on the website every week, contributing to 42.3 million page views and 18.7 million chat sessions. 12.6 million unique visitors are using the website from 170 countries and territories, including the top 10 markets for Ortsbo, China, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and India.

With 39,000 Facebook fans and 5,000 Twitter followers, Ortsbo says that they have been focused on user engagement. They say that a focus on engagement will “improve overall service and performance and provide a long-term deployment program allowing for significant increase in users around the world.”

You can find out more about Ortsbo here.